1889 Home Nations Championship

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1889 Home Nations Championship
Date 2 February 1889 – 2 March 1889
Countries  Ireland
Tournament statistics
Champions  Scotland (2nd title) [1]
Matches played 3
Top point scorer(s) Scotland Stevenson (1)
1888 (Previous) (Next) 1890

The 1889 Home Nations Championship was the seventh series of the rugby union Home Nations Championship. Three matches were played between 2 February and 2 March. It was contested by Ireland, Scotland and Wales. England was excluded from the Championship due to their refusal to join the IRB.

Scotland won the championship outright for the second time, excluding one shared title.


Position Nation Games Points Table
Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Difference
1  Scotland 2 2 0 0 1 0 +1 4
2  Ireland 2 1 0 1 0 1 −1 2
3  Wales 2 0 0 2 0 0 +0 0


2 February 1889
Scotland  (2T) 0–0 (0T)  Wales
16 February 1889
Ireland  0–1  Scotland
2 March 1889
Wales  (0T) 0–0 (2T)  Ireland

Scoring system

The matches for this season were decided on goals scored. A goal was awarded for a successful conversion after a try, for a dropped goal or for a goal from mark. If a game was drawn, any unconverted tries were tallied to give a winner. If there was still no clear winner, the match was declared a draw.

The matches

Scotland vs. Wales

2 February 1889
 Scotland 2T – nil  Wales
Try: Orr
Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Referee: A McAllister (Ireland)

Scotland: HFT Chambers (Edinburgh U.), WF Holms (Edinburgh Wanderers), HJ Stevenson (Edinburgh Acads), James Holt Marsh (Edinburgh Inst FP), CE Orr (West of Scotland), CFP Fraser (Glasgow University), W Auld (West of Scotland), JD Boswell (West of Scotland), A Duke (Royal HSFP), HT Ker (Glasgow Acads), MC McEwan (Edinburgh Acads), WA McDonald (Glasgow University), A Methuen (Cambridge U.), DS Morton (West of Scotland) capt., TB White (Edinburgh Acads)

Wales: Hugh Hughes (Cardiff), Dickie Garrett (Penarth), James Webb (Newport), Edward Bishop (Swansea), Martyn Jordan (London Welsh), Charlie Thomas (Newport), Rosser Evans (Cardiff), Sydney Nicholls (Cardiff), Frank Hill (Cardiff) capt., William Williams (Cardiff), David William Evans (Cardiff), Theo Harding (Newport), Jim Hannan (Newport), Rowley Thomas (London Welsh), William Bowen (Swansea)

Ireland vs. Scotland

16 February 1889
 Ireland nil – 1DG  Scotland
Drop: Stevenson
Ormeau, Belfast
Referee: WD Phillips (Wales)

Ireland: LJ Holmes (Lisburn), RA Yates (Dublin University), TB Pedlow (Queen's College, Belfast), DC Woods (Bessbrook), J Stevenson (Lisburn), RG Warren (Lansdowne) capt., HW Andrews (NIFC), TM Donovan (Queen's College, Cork), EG Forrest (Wanderers), JS Jameson (Lansdowne), J Moffatt (Belfast Albion), LC Nash (Queen's College, Cork), CRR Stack (Dublin University), R Stevenson (Lisburn), FO Stoker (Wanderers)

Scotland: HFT Chambers (Edinburgh U.), WF Holms (London Scottish), HJ Stevenson (Edinburgh Acads), James Holt Marsh (Edinburgh Inst FP), CE Orr (West of Scotland), Darsie Anderson (London Scottish), AI Aitken (Edinburgh Inst FP), JD Boswell (West of Scotland), A Duke (Royal HSFP), TW Irvine (Edinburgh Acads), MC McEwan (Edinburgh Acads), JG McKendrick (West of Scotland), A Methuen (Cambridge U.), DS Morton (West of Scotland) capt., JE Orr (West of Scotland)

Wales vs. Ireland

2 March 1889
 Wales nil – 2T  Ireland
Try: McDonnell

Wales: Ned Roberts (Llanelli), Abel Davies (London Welsh), Arthur Gould (Newport) capt., Tom Morgan (Llanelli), Norman Biggs (Cardiff), Charlie Thomas (Newport), Giotto Griffiths (Llanelli), William Bowen (Swansea), D Morgan (Swansea), Sydney Nicholls (Cardiff), David William Evans (Cardiff), Theo Harding (Newport), Jim Hannan (Newport), Rowley Thomas (London Welsh), Dan Griffiths (Llanelli)

Ireland: LJ Holmes (Lisburn), RA Yates (Dublin U.), RW Dunlop (Dublin U.), TB Pedlow (Queens College, Belfast), RG Warren (Lansdowne) capt., AC McDonnell (Dublin U.), Victor Le Fanu (Lansdowne), JS Jameson (Lansdowne), EG Forrest (Wanderers), J Cotton (Wanderers), J Waites (Bective Rangers), HW Andrews (NIFC), JN Lytle (NIFC), R Stevenson (Lisburn), HA Richey (Dublin U.)


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