1930 World Ice Hockey Championships

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1930 World Ice Hockey Championships
Tournament details
Host countries  France
Dates 29 January–10 February
Teams 12
Venue(s) (in 3 host cities)
Final positions
Champions Gold medal blank.svg  Canada (4th title)
Runner-up Silver medal blank.svg  Germany
Third place Bronze medal blank.svg   Switzerland
Fourth place  Austria
Tournament statistics
Matches played 12
Goals scored 49 (4.08 per match)

The 1930 Men's Ice Hockey World Championships were held between January 30 and February 10, 1930 in Chamonix, France, Vienna, Austria, and Berlin, Germany. This event was the first world championships independent of hockey at the Olympics.[1]

Canada, represented by the Toronto CCMs, beat the German team in the gold medal match by a score of 6 to 1 to win the title.[2]

Germany won their first European Championship, defeating Switzerland in Berlin two to one. The lone game in Vienna was played to determine the European Bronze, Austria shutout Poland two to zero to round out the medals.[3]

Final tournament

First round
31 January 1930 Chamonix  Germany  Great Britain 4:2
31 January 1930 Chamonix  Hungary  Italy 2:0
31 January 1930 Chamonix  France  Belgium 4:1
1 February 1930 Chamonix  Poland  Japan 5:0
1 February 1930 Chamonix   Switzerland  Czechoslovakia 3:1
1 February 1930 Chamonix  Germany  Hungary 4:1
1 February 1930 Chamonix  France  Austria 1:2
2 February 1930 Chamonix   Switzerland  Austria 2:1
2 February 1930 Chamonix  Germany  Poland 3:1
4th place
5 February 1930 Vienna  Austria  Poland 2:0
9 February 1930 Berlin  Germany   Switzerland 2:1


10 February 1930 Berlin  Germany  Canada 1:6

The tournament was a direct knock-out playoff. The Canadian team was considered so dominant that it did not participate in the knock-out tournament. Canada was put into the gold medal final game, and the tournament was played to determine an opponent.[3]

Warm winter weather melted the ice in Chamonix, France and forced the Ligue Internationale de Hockey sur Glace officials to move the tournament to Berlin, Germany, and the Sportpalast (which had artificial ice). Additionally, the fourth place match was played in Vienna, Austria, making this the only world hockey championship tournament to take place in three different countries.[3]

The Canadian team lost to Austria 1-0 on February 7 (in Vienna) in an exhibition match. The loss to Austria was the first time any Canadian team had lost to a European team.[4]

Final ranking

Ranking and statistics


 1930 World Championship Winners 

4th title

Canadian winning team

Final standings

The final standings of the tournament:

Gold medal icon.svg  Canada
Silver medal icon.svg  Germany
Bronze medal icon.svg   Switzerland
4  Austria
5  Poland
6  France
6  Hungary
6  Czechoslovakia
6  Japan
10  Great Britain
10  Italy
10  Belgium

European Championship medal table

Gold medal icon.svg  Germany
Silver medal icon.svg   Switzerland
Bronze medal icon.svg  Austria
4  Poland
5  Czechoslovakia
5  Hungary
5  France
8  Great Britain
8  Italy
8  Belgium


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