2001 in Singapore

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  • January – A pipeline feeding gas to Singapore from Indonesia's Natuna field in South China Sea opens.
  • 19 January – The national anthem, Majulah Singapura is re-arranged to use a lower 'F' key, and recorded in seven official versions.
  • 3 March – A police land rover from the Airport Police Division lost control and flipped several times across Airport Boulevard near the SATS Inflight Catering Centre in the direction towards the Singapore Changi Airport, killing two officers, SC/CPL Dzulkha Bin Basru, 22, and NSPI Ranosasni Bin Mohamed Salleh, 23. The driver, SGT98227 Tan Chiew Leong Benny, 23, died a day later in hospital. Seven other officers survived the accident, which remains the worse traffic accident in terms of casualties to involve members of the Singapore Police Force.
  • 26 May: A smoke grenade explosion during a life exercise on Pulau Senang injures eight police officers, including one who lost his right forearm as a result.
  • 14 June: A police Sergeant, Quek Yew Ming was killed when the police scooter he was riding met with a traffic accident at Ophir Road.
  • 12 August – A 'fireball' UFO was spotted by some 15 people at the Tuas Second Link connecting Malaysia and Singapore.
  • 3 November – The PAP wins 82 of 84 seats in the 2001 General Election.
  • 9 December – 15 suspected militants of Jemaah Islamiah are arrested for alleged bomb plot.