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The 2070s is a decade of the Gregorian calendar that will begin on January 1, 2070 and will end on December 31, 2079.

Notable predictions and known events




  • February 22 - Asteroid 2 Pallas will make a record close approach to Earth at 1.233 AU.



  • c. May 31 - the planetoid 90377 Sedna is expected to reach its perihelion, its closest point to the Sun. It is expected to reach a distance of 76 AU, or 76 times the average distance Earth is from the Sun. Sedna has a highly elliptical orbit, thus it is difficult to locate —at its aphelion, it reaches a distance of about 942 AU. This date is subject to adjustment as Sedna's orbit is still being refined.


  • May 1 - A total solar eclipse is predicted for New York City, as well as Nova Scotia in Canada.[4]
  • June 6 - The smalldatetime fields in SQL-Server databases will wrap around to January 1, 1900.
  • August 11 - Mercury occults Mars for the first time since 578. It is difficult to observe, but is the best observable occultation of a planet by another in the 21st century.

Fictional references


Television and Film


  • In the Fallout series of video games, the bulk of a Sino-American war takes place in the 2070s, and its climax, a "Great War" that starts the Apocalypse, two hours of nuclear war that led to the devastation of Earth, takes place on October 23, 2077.
  • The 2011 computer game Anno 2070 takes place in the year 2070, predicting that the sea level raised dangerously.
  • In the Trinity role-playing game, 2070 marked the end of The Great Crash-a period of history that began in the year 2061. During this crash, millions of people died, half the world's arable land became infertile, the world's financial and ecological resources became drained, and the world economy collapsed. Conflict erupts after 2070 between nations, the Comm crunch hits, and the Urban schism occurs. Orbital expansion is attempted to revitalize the world.
  • The 4th Edition of Shadowrun takes place in the 2070s.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in the 2070s
  • The arcade game Tournament Cyberball 2072 is set in the year 2072
  • The events of the computer game System Shock begin on November 6, 2072.
  • The events of the video game Deus Ex: Invisible War take place in 2072.
  • The Sega Saturn video game Gun Griffon: The Eurasian Conflict takes place in the year 2074.
  • The first two games in the Red Faction series are set in this decade. Red Faction takes place in 2070, while its sequel Red Faction II is set in the year 2075.
  • The game Forsaken takes place in 2077.
  • In the Command & Conquer universe, the Fourth Tiberium War begins in 2077.
  • In the Mass Effect universe, the character Liara T'Soni is born in 2077.
  • Space Engineers, a popular Steam early access game, hints that it takes place in 2077.


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