53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade

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268th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment (1961-1967)
53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade (1967-present)
Active 1961-present
Country  Soviet Union (1961-1991)
 Russia (1992-present)
Branch Soviet Army (1961-1991)
Russian Ground Forces (1992-present)
Type Surface-to-air missile brigade
Part of 20th Guards Army
Garrison/HQ Kursk
Equipment SA-11 Buk

The 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade is a Surface-to-air missile brigade of the Russian Ground Forces. Part of the 20th Guards Army, the brigade is based at Kursk. [1] The brigade has been reported by Bellingcat and CORRECT!V as the unit that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.[2][3]


The 268th Anti-Aircraft Rocket Regiment was formed in 1961 at Artik with the 7th Guards Army, equipped with the SA-2. On 1 October 1967 it was upgraded into the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Rocket Brigade. Around this time the brigade received the SA-4 Krug missile system.Between 20 December 1968 and 7 January 1969 it transferred to East Germany. The brigade became part of the 1st Guards Tank Army at Altenburg. On 1 October 1970 it transferred to the 20th Guards Army but returned to the 1st Guards Tank Army in 1984. The brigade included the 677th, 679th and 682nd Separate Anti-Aircraft Rocket Battalions,[4] based at Altenburg, Merseburg and Zeitz, respectively. In November 1986 the 1578th Separate Anti-Aircraft Rocket Battalion was formed at Merseburg after the 677th moved to Wittenberg. At this time the brigade was reequipped with the SA-11 Buk missile system. In 1992, the brigade was withdrawn to Kursk and became part of the 20th Guards Army. [1]


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