77th West Virginia Senate

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Affiliation Members
  Democratic Party 21 (62%)
  Republican Party 13 (38%)
 Government Majority


Affiliation Members
  Democratic Party 23 (68%)
  Republican Party 11 (32%)
 Government Majority

Floor Leadership


  • Billy Wayne Bailey (D-9th District), Majority Whip
  • Clark S. Barnes (R-15th District)
  • Donna J. Boley (R-3rd District)
  • Edwin J. Bowman (D-1st District)
  • Donald T. Caruth (R-10th District)
  • H. Truman Chafin (D-6th District), Majority Leader
  • J. Frank Deem (R-3rd District)
  • Tracy Dempsey (D-7th District)
  • Larry J. Edgell (D-2nd District)
  • Karen L. Facemyer (R-4th District)
  • John Pat Fanning (D-6th District)
  • Dan Foster (D-17th District)
  • Jesse O. Guills (R-10th District)
  • Steve Harrison (R-8th District)
  • Walt Helmick (D-15th District)
  • Jon Blair Hunter (D-14th District)
  • Evan Jenkins (D-5th District)
  • Jeffrey V. Kessler (D-2nd District)
  • Charles Lanham (R-4th District)
  • Shirley D. Love (D-11th District)
  • Brooks McCabe (D-17th District)
  • Andy McKenzie (R-1st District), Minority Whip
  • Joseph Minard (D-12th District)
  • Sarah M. Minear (R-14th District)
  • Michael A. Oliverio (D-13th District)
  • Robert H. Plymale (D-5th District)
  • Roman W. Prezioso (D-13th District)
  • William R. Sharpe (D-12th District), President Pro Tempore
  • Vic Sprouse (R-8th District), Minority Leader
  • Earl Ray Tomblin (D-7th District), President of the Senate - Lieutenant Governor
  • John Unger (D-16th District)
  • Russ Weeks (R-9th District)
  • Randy White (D-11th District)
  • John Yoder (R-16th District)


At the start each new Legislature, standing committees are appointed. The Senate President selects the chairpersons. The Rules of the Senate call for the following committees to be formed:

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