Aaron E. Wasserman

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Aaron E. Wasserman
Born (1920-10-11)October 11, 1920
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died July 5, 2015(2015-07-05) (aged 94)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fields Food Science
Institutions Merck and Company
Notable awards Calvert L. Willey Award

Aaron E. Wasserman (October 11, 1920 – July 5, 2015) was an American food scientist whose career started out in the medical field in microbiology, then evolved into research with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) into food chemistry. Following his retirement from USDA ARS, Wasserman served as Editor-In-Chief of the Institute of Food Technologists' (IFT) Journal of Food Science (JFS) from 1981 to 1990.[1]

Early life and career

A Pennsylvania native, Wasserman earned his B.S. in 1942 from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. He then worked for Merck and Company, and later with USDA ARS before his retirement in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

Journal of Food Science editor-in-chief

Wasserman served as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Food Science from 1981 to 1990. He retired to the Philadelphia area. For his service as editor of JFS, he received IFT's Calvert L. Willey Award in 1990. Wasserman was also named a fellow of IFT in 1979.

Selected works

  • Fiddler, W., W.E. Parker, A.E. Wasserman, and R.C. Doerr. (1967). "Thermal decomposition of ferulic acid." Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 15(5):757-761.
  • Luddy, F.E., S.F. Herb, P. Magidman, M. Spinelli, and A.E. Wasserman. (1969). "Color and the lipid composition of pork muscles." Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society. 47(2): 65-68.
  • Wasserman, A.E. (1981). "From the Scientific Editor." Journal of Food Science. 46(6): iv-vi.
  • Wasserman, A.E. (1989). "From the Scientific Editor." Journal of Food Science. 54(6): iv-vi.
  • Wasserman, A.E. and J.W. Hampton. (1960). "Whey Utilization III. Oxygen Absorption Rates and the Growth of Saccharomyces fragillis in Several Propagators." Applied Microbiology. 8(5): 293-297.
  • Wasserman, A.E. and W.J. Hopkins. (1958). "Dissimilation of C14-labeled Glucose by Serratia marcescens." Journal of Bacteriology. 75(4): 492-493.
  • Wasserman, A.E., J.M. Lessner, and M.K. West. (1954). "Reversal of the Streptomycin injury of Escherichia coli." Journal of General Physiology. 38: 213-223.
  • Wasserman, A.E., and A.M. Spinelli. (1972). "Effect of some water-soluble components on aroma of heated adipose tissue." Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 20(2): 171-174.


Aaron Wasserman died of natural causes in the early morning hours of July 5, 2015 surrounded by his family.[2]


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