Aeolis Mensae

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Aeolis Mensae
Aeolis Mensae Yardangs.JPG
Aeolis Mensae yardangs, as seen by HiRISE. Scale bar is 500 meters long. Click on image for better view of yardangs.
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Aeolis Mensae

Aeolis Mensae is tableland feature in the Aeolis quadrangle of Mars. Its location is centered at 2.9° south latitude and 219.6° west longitude. It is 820 kilometres (510 mi) long and was named after a classical albedo feature name.[1]

Inverted relief

Some places on Mars show inverted relief, in which a stream bed may be a raised feature, instead of a valley. The inversion may be caused by the deposition of large rocks or by cementation. In either case erosion lowered the surrounding land, but left the old channel as a raised ridge because the stream bed is more resistant to erosion. An image taken by HiRISE shows a ridge that may be old channels that have become inverted.[2]


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