Alessandro Cicognini

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Alessandro Cicognini (25 January 1906 in Pescara – 9 November 1995 in Rome) was an Italian film music composer.[1]

Born on 25 January 1906 in Pescara,[1] Cicognini was classically trained at the Milan Conservatory of Music. He composed 106 soundtracks between 1936 and 1993, many of them for filmmaker Vittorio de Sica. His score for Bicycle Thieves (1948) was awarded Best Soundtrack of the Year. Much of his film music makes use of small ensembles and unusual instrumentation, rather than the lush orchestral scores common to film music of the mid-20th century.[2] In 1965 he retired from film composition and became a teacher; one of his soundtracks, to the 1953 film Stazione Termini, was reused in What's Eating Gilbert Grape in 1993.

Cicognini died in Rome on 9 November 1995 at the age of 89.[1]



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