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Sheikh Cali Sheikh Maxamuud Sheikh Cali Dheere (Somali: Cali Dheere, Arabic: الشيخ على محمود‎‎), also known as "Sheekh Cali Dheere", is a Somali cleric and religious fundamentalist based in Mogadishu. He was instrumental in the establishment of the first Islamic courts in Mogadishu in 1996. He is from the Hawiye Abgaal clan.[1] A lot of people confuse between Sheikh Ali Mahmoud better known as Sheikh Ali Dheere (Somali: Sheikh Cali Dheere) who established the first Islamic Courts in Mogadishu in 1996, and another man called Sheikh Ali Dheere who is the spokesperson of the Al Shabaab. The Al Shabaab speaker is from the Hawiye Murusade clan, not Abgaal.


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