Alliance for the Future

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Alliance for the Future
Alianza por el Futuro
Leader Alberto Fujimori
Founded 2006
Dissolved 2010
Headquarters Lima
Ideology Fujimorism
Political position Right-wing
International affiliation None
Politics of Peru
Political parties

Alliance for the Future (Spanish: Alianza por el Futuro) was a Peruvian political alliance formed by pro-Fujimori parties Change 90 (Cambio 90) and New Majority (Nueva Mayoría) for the 2006 national election. Its presidential candidate was former President of Congress Martha Chávez Cossio.

2006 election

The party was apparently initially registered in case former President Alberto Fujimori's own ticket (under the party Sí Cumple). Fujimori's bid for president was rejected due to his ban by Congress to hold office until 2011, and this coalition became the only pro-Fujimori option in the election after the National Election Jury (Jurado Nacional de Elecciones) upheld the ban.

The candidates were:

Chávez is currently a Congresswoman (1990-2006), and was the first woman in Peruvian history to become President of Congress (1995–96). She was suspended from Congress in 2002 after corruption accusations, but was reinstated in 2005 after she was acquitted in court. Santiago Fujimori is Alberto's younger brother and advisor. Souza is a lawyer and has not had a prominent role in politics before.

The vice-presidential candidates also ran for Congress under candidate numbers 4 and 3, respectively, in the Alliance's list for Lima. This list also included Keiko Fujimori, Alberto's daughter and former First Lady (after her parents' separation), as candidate number 1, who obtained the largest number of votes for an individual candidate. Another member of the party is Alejandro Aguinaga, Alberto Fujimori's personal doctor.

The Alliance's logo consists of an orange oval with the "AF 2006" in white. "AF" serves as both the initials of the coalition and those of Fujimori.

At the legislative elections held on 9 April 2006, the party won 13.1% of the popular vote and 13 out of 120 seats in Congress.

For the Peruvian general election, 2011 the Alliance for the Future was succeeded as the Fujimorists' electoral vehicle by Force 2011 led by Keiko Fujimori. Only a minority of Change 90 decided to join the National Solidarity Alliance of Luis Castañeda.

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