Americas Rugby Cup

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Americas Rugby Cup
Current season or competition:
2016 Americas Rugby Championship
Sport Rugby union
Instituted 2015
Number of teams 6
Country  Argentina
 United States

The Americas Rugby Championship, often informally called the Americas' Six Nations, will be an annual international rugby competition between six North and South American nations: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, United States and Uruguay.[1]

The competition will run alongside the European Six Nations Championship, taking place in February and March of each year. The competition will be the first competitive competition to be held across the SudaméricaRAN region since the PARA Pan American Championship that was ceased in 2003, though since 2009 South and North American teams have competed in the Americas Rugby Championship, but not all teams fielded a full test team.

Competition format

Played annually, the format of the Championship is simple: each team plays every other team once (making for a total of 15 matches), with home field advantage alternating from one year to the next.


The proposal of the competition was first brought up in April 2015 by former Argentine player and Argentina's representative on the World Rugby council, Agustín Pichot, where during late April 2015, executive members of each union met up to discuss the proposal.[2] Then on 31 May 2015, Pichot announced he had taken the proposal to World Rugby to establish the then known "Americas Six Nations".[3] In September 2015, the competition was given the go ahead.[1]

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