Amyntas II of Macedon

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Macedon in the Time of Amyntas II

Amyntas II (Greek: Ἀμύντας Βʹ) or Amyntas the Little, of Macedon, was son of Philip or Menelaus, brother of Perdiccas II. (Thuc. ii. 95.) He succeeded his father in his appanage in Upper Macedonia, of which Perdiccas seems to have wished to deprive him, as he had before endeavoured to wrest it from Philip, but had been hindered by the Athenians.

In 429 BC Amyntas, aided by Sitalces, king of the Odrysian Thracians, stood forward to contest with Perdiccas the throne of Macedonia itself; but the latter contrived to obtain peace through the mediation of Seuthes, the nephew of the Thracian king (Thuc. ii. 101); and Amyntas was thus obliged to content himself with his hereditary principality.