Archduke Ernest of Austria

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Archduke Ernest
El archiduque Diego Ernesto de Austria.jpg
Portrait of Archduke Ernest of Austria by Alonso Sánchez Coello c. 1580
Born 15 June 1553[1]
Died 20 February 1595(1595-02-20) (aged 41)
House House of Habsburg
Father Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Maria of Spain
Engraving of Archduke Ernest of Austria

Archduke Ernest of Austria (German: Ernst von Österreich; 15 June 1553[1] – 20 February 1595) was an Austrian prince, the son of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor and Maria of Spain.

Born at Vienna, he was educated with his brother Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, in the court of Spain. In 1573 and 1587, he was a candidate for the throne of Poland. From 1576 onwards, he was governor in the Archduchy of Austria, where he promoted the counterreformation. In 1590, he became governor of Inner Austria as regent for his young cousin Ferdinand, and from 1594 to 1595 he served as governor of the Spanish Netherlands.

He died at Brussels in 1595.



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Preceded by
Count Peter Ernst von Mansfeld
Governors of the Habsburg Netherlands
Succeeded by
Pedro Henriquez de Acevedo, Count of Fuentes