Arkhangelsky (crater)

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Arkhangelsky Crater
Arkhangelsky crater dunes.jpg
Arkhangelsky Crater Dunes, as seen by THEMIS. Click on image to see possible gullies on central peak.
Planet Mars
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Eponym A.D. Arkhangelsky a Russian geologist

Arkhangelsky Crater is a crater in the Argyre quadrangle of Mars, located at 41.4° S and 24.8° W. It is 125 km across and was named after A.D. Arkhangelsky a Russian geologist.[1]

Why are Craters important?

The density of impact craters is used to determine the surface ages of Mars and other solar system bodies.[2] The older the surface, the more craters present. Crater shapes can reveal the presence of ground ice.

The area around craters may be rich in minerals. On Mars, heat from the impact melts ice in the ground. Water from the melting ice dissolves minerals, and then deposits them in cracks or faults that were produced with the impact. This process, called hydrothermal alteration, is a major way in which ore deposits are produced. The area around Martian craters may be rich in useful ores for the future colonization of Mars.[3]

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