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Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City
Publication types Books
Official website

Autonomedia is one of the main North American publishers of radical theoretical works, especially in the anarchist tradition. For many years, it was linked with Semiotext(e), one of the major sources for English language translations of post-structuralist literature, especially in the 1980s. According to Hakim Bey, Semiotext(e) "was founded in 1974 by Sylvère Lotringer, a French scholar working for Columbia University whose self-appointed task was to introduce the Paris of '68 philosophers to America. That would include Baudrillard, Lyotard, Foucault, etc. And then, somewhere around 1982, Autonomedia become the umbrella book company."[1] In early 2001, however, the two presses split; Semiotext(e) became part of MIT Press.

Autonomedia publishes books on a variety of topics, such as anarchism, "autonomist" and extraparliamentary marxism, cyberfeminism, psychedelics and drug literature, turn of the 21st century queer individualist anarchist novels, etc. Well-known authors include Antonio Negri, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Michael Muhammad Knight, Silvia Federici, PM, John Moore, and others. They also are known for publishing the "Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints," in which every day of the calendar recalls a deceased person of some significance to progressive movements or thought, and also is a holiday of some sort.


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