Baskerville Shield

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Baskerville Shield
Sport Rugby league football
Instituted 2002
Number of teams 2
Countries  New Zealand
Holders  England (2015)
Most titles  Great Britain (2 titles)
Baskerville Trophy at the RL Headquarters, Leeds in 2012

The Baskerville Shield is a trophy awarded to the winner of rugby league test series between England and New Zealand. It named in honour of Albert Henry Baskerville, who organised the first ever tour by New Zealand of Great Britain in 1907.

The shield was inaugurated in 2002,[1] and was contested between New Zealand and Great Britain until 2007.

The spelling of the trophy is somewhat controversial, as there is much evidence to suggest that Baskiville was the correct spelling of the surname. However, the Rugby Football League used the Baskerville spelling arguing that this was the version used by the man himself.[2]

Albert Baskerville Trophy

There is also a trophy with this name awarded to the winner of the National Competition in New Zealand.[3]


Year Winners Series Score Runner-up
2002  Great Britain 1–1  New Zealand
2007  Great Britain 3–0  New Zealand
2015  England 2–1  New Zealand

The shield was inaugurated for the 2002 New Zealand tour of Great Britain and France. The test series between New Zealand and Great Britain was drawn, with one win each and one draw. The New Zealand Rugby League agreed that Great Britain should keep the inaugural shield because it wasn't won outright.

In the 2007 New Zealand tour of Great Britain and France, Great Britain won the series 3-0 to retain the shield.

In the 2015 New Zealand tour of Great Britain, England won the series 2-1.


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