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Société Anonyme
Industry Conglomerate
Founded 1998
Founder Issad Rebrab
Headquarters Béjaïa, Algeria
Products Food processing, Glass, Home appliance
Website http://www.cevital.com/

Cevital is the largest private conglomerate in Algeria, with interests in the agri-food sector, retail, industry and services, created by Issad Rebrab. The company's headquarters are in Béjaïa.[1] Cevital is a founding member of the Desertec project. The company's earnings in 2009 were U$S 3589 millions

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

Principal subsidiary and affiliate companies of Cevital include:

Food Processing Industry

  • Cevital Food Processing Industry

Created in 1998, Cevital Food Processing Industry (Cevital Agro-Industrie) is the leader of the food processing sector in Algeria.[citation needed]

Established within the Bejaia Port (Algeria), Cevital Food Processing Industry consists of various production units such as: oil refinery, sugar refinery, margarine production unit, mineral water packaging unit, a unit for producing and packaging refreshing drinks, cannery, port silos as well as a terminal for port unloading. Cevital Food Processing Industry has permitted Algeria to go from the importation stage to the exportation one for oils, margarines and sugar.[citation needed]

Its products are nowadays sold in several countries, particularly in Europe, in the Maghreb, in the Middle East and in Western Africa.

Nowadays, Cevital Food Processing Industry is the biggest private complex in Algeria. Its ultra performing production tools are divided as follows:[2]

production facility production capacity
An (sunflower and soybean) oil refinery 670 000 tons/year
A margarine factory 180 000 tons/year
A sugar refinery 2 000 000 tons/year
A unit of liquid sugar 210,000 tons (dry matter equivalent)/year
A unit of mineral water packaging: Lalla Khedidja 3,000,000 bottles/day
A unit of refreshing non-alcoholic drinks: Tchina 600,000 bottles/hour.
A tomato and fruit jam cannery 80 tons/day
Port Silos 182,000 tons
  • Ceviagro

Created in 2004, Ceviagro is an innovative[citation needed] firm of mass agricultural production, operating in the field of the production of arboreal plants, arboriculture, potato seeds, market gardening productions in greenhouses and in open country, as well as the marketing of fertilizers.

  • Nolis

Created in 2000, Nolis-SPA (Joint Stock Company) is the subsidiary in charge of the maritime trade of the Group.

In this respect, Nolis realizes an average of three ships in property and chartered of transport of raw materials to Cevital Group intended for importation and exportation.

Automotive and services

  • HMA

The Joint-stock Company Hyundai Motor Algeria, created in 1997, is a distributor of Hyundai Motor Company products, for the range of light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses and commercial vehicles, and Hyundai Heavy Industries for public works equipment.

It has at its disposal the largest product ranges in the market, and, nowadays, it comprises more than 45 distributing agents split over the whole national territory.


Created in 2008, the General Company of Public Works Equipment COGETP (Compagnie Générale des Équipements de Travaux Public) is the exclusive dealer of Volvo CE and SDLG (China) in Algeria. COGETP markets public works equipment, sells spare parts and ensures after-sales service conforming to European standards. The product range of Volvo public works equipment includes more than 50 models of mechanical diggers, loaders, grading machines, retro-loaders,finishers, compactorsand articulated tip-up cars.

  • ACTS

Created in 2004, ACTSpecialist (Associated Car & Truck Specialist) specializes in the marketing and maintenance of vehicles (commercial, industrial, public transportation and public works).

ACTSpecialist distinguishes itself from its rivals by the diversification of its areas of activities, particularly by:

The importation and marketing of industrial vehicles (trucks, buses, tractor-trailers and public works vehicles). Assembly in CKD of tractor-trailers of the brand RANDON, in the factory situated in L’Ârbaa, Wilaya of Blida. Moreover, the multibrand has been adopted as a leitmotiv by society since its creation.

A policy embodied in trade agreements with first rank suppliers : RANDON, SUMITOMO, CHETRA, NEOBUS, CAMC, LONKING.[citation needed]

  • Public Works Equipment

Created in 2008, Cevital MTP (Public Works Equipment) specializes in the renting of the equipment of public works, transportation and construction.

With a workforce of 131 people, Cevital MTP has in its assets 226 equipment units.

  • Cevicar – Car Renting

Fruit of a co-operation between Cevital Group and the manufacturer of international fame Hyundai, CEVICAR, was born in 2007.

  • Fiat

Strong thanks to its 14-year-experience in the car market, by representing particularly Asian brands, Cevital Group launches a second phase of display by penetrating this market by means of European brands.[citation needed]

  • Immobis

Created in 2006, Immobis-SPA (Joint Stock Company), operates in the domain of real estate as a project manager for projects being carried out across the national territory.

Industrial Sector:

Logistic tri-temperature platforms in Oran: 17,000 m² of storage area.

Logistic tri-temperature platforms in Bouira : 75,000 m² of storage area. Platforms of 5,000 m² (soon)

Service Sector:

3 Shopping centers of 16,000 m² in Bouira, Ain Defla and Mostaganem 4 Shopping centers in Sidi Abdellah, Setif, Tlemcen and Bordj Bou Arréridj (soon) 3 Office towers + 2 hotel towers and apartment hotels in Algiers (soon)

Housing Sector:

Luxurious accommodation in Hussein Dey, Cheraga, Sidi Abdellah (soon)

  • Future Media

Created in 2006, FUTURE MEDIA is a company that specializes in multimedia communication.

It realizes different graphic designs on various media :

  1. Digital Printing
  2. Personalized Stands
  3. Banners
  4. Auto Dressing
  5. Totem Poles
  6. Installation of Giant LED Screens

It specializes particularly in billposting.


  • Samha

Launched in 2006, Joint-Stock Company SAMHA Home Appliance, in addition to being the official and exclusive representative of the brand Samsung Electronics for electrical household products, has launched a complex of manufacturing household appliances and audiovisual devices.

Strong with its new factory in Setif, where it employs more than 1800 workers, it aims at capturing the national market of home appliances. Its objective is to cover a product range consisting, among other ones, of refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and colored TV sets.

The contractual partner chosen is the international Korean leader SAMSUNG.

The production perspective aimed at through this partnership represents a national challenge in the future mastery of technology in this field by the scope of the site and the investment.[clarification needed]

  • MFG

Mediterranean Float Glass, by abbreviation MFG, created in 2007, is the biggest producer of flat glass in Africa,with a production capacity of 600 tons/day.

Established in Larbaa, Wilaya of Blida, MFG diversifies its product range, by launching, in 2009, a production line of laminated glass with a production capacity of 400 tons/day, and a factory of processing glass products in October 2010. Algeria, thus, is no longer an importer but an exporter of glass.

  • Cevital Minerals

Created in 2008, its role is to carry out the prospecting and the exploration of all mineral substances, to exploit these deposits and to treat the extracted substances.

It now has eight mining titles between exploration and exploitation.

  • Baticompos

Baticompos, a company of industrialized components, stemmed from the subsidiarization of the industrial groupBATIMETAL. Acquired by the Cevital Group in 2007, it has a unique know-how[citation needed] in terms of manufacture of sandwich panels, false ceilings, veined metal sheets and shaped pieces.

It also makes other products such as Saharian Cabins (Residence, offices, sanitary), drilling camps, modular constructions, bungalows, cold storage rooms and shelters for telecommunications equipment.

  • Prainsa Cevico Algeria

Considered as an unprecedented experience in Algeria[citation needed], the creation of CEVICO and the functioning of its factories has permitted the supply of the construction projects of Cevital Group with prefabricated concrete elements to accompany its ambition of acquiring the structures in its development strategy. CEVICO nowadays holds a certificate of classication and professional qualification of the category VIII.[citation needed]


  • Sierra Cevital

Created in 2011, Sierra Cevital is a joint-venture established between the Cevital Group and Sonae Sierra. It specializes in the development and management of shopping centers.

  • Numilog

Created in 2007, Numilog proposes a global logistic solution including land transportation, storage and stock management, packaging, co-packing, labeling, as well as varied complementary services (customs transit…). Numilog is a Cevital Group subsidiary with resources dedicated to respond to enterprises logistics and transportation needs. First of its kind in Algeria, Numilog is a key player in the logistic and supply chain[citation needed] and can assist organizations in activities optimization, relying on a professional team[citation needed] and world class infrastructure.[citation needed]

  • Numidis

Created in 2006, Numidis specializes in wide distribution. It has set for itself the objective of developing a chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets under the brand names Unocity and Uno.


Cevital has made the following acquisitions:

Year Acquisition Industry
2013 OXXO (France) Premade window and door systems
2013 ALAS (Spain) window and door aluminum frames
2014 FagorBrandt Home Appliances European Operations - France
2014 Lucchini[3] Metal Foundry, Steel Mill and Port Operations European Operations - Piombino Italy


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