Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Ahvaz

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The Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Ahvaz (or Ahwaz) (informally called Ahvaz of the Chaldeans) is a non-Metropolitan archeparchy (Eastern Catholic archdiocese) of the particular Chaldean Catholic Church sui iuris (Syro-Oriental Rite in Syriac language) in Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran.

It is directly dependent on the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon, not part of any ecclesiastical province.

Its cathedral archiepiscopal see is Surp Mesrob Church, in Ahvaz.


It was established on 3 January 1966, on territory split off from the Metropolitan Archeparchy of Sehna (now Teheran).

Episcopal Ordinaries

(all Chaldean Rite)

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