Clan Young

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Clan Young
Motto Robore Prudentia Praestat (Prudence Excels Strength)[2]
Region Scottish Borders
District Roxburghshire Kincardineshire Angus
Clan Young has no chief, and is an armigerous clan

Clan Young is a Scottish clan. The clan does not currently have a clan chief and therefore it is considered an armigerous clan.[3]


Origins of the clan

The name Young is clearly personal and descriptive, however it may have also been applied to distinguish a father from a son if both had the same Christian name.[3] In this case the name in Scotland is synonymous with Younger, which was used to describe the heir to a feudal title.[3] Earliest records of the name in Scotland include Malmor and Ade Young who appear at Dumbarton in 1271.[3] In 1342 John Young of Dingwall witnessed a charter by the Earl of Ross to Reginald who was the son of the Lord of the Isles.[3]

15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries

In 1439 Alexander Young was chaplain to the House of the Holy Trinity in Aberdeen.[3] Peter Young became assistant preceptor to the three-year-old James VI of Scotland, upon the recommendation of the Regent Moray in 1569.[3] He was knighted at Whitehall in 1605.[3] Sir Peter Young had a large family and many of them rose to enjoy royal patronage.[3] One of his sons, another Peter, was part of the Embassy in 1628 to Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden.[3] Sir Peter Young was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir James Young, who held extensive grants of land in Ireland.[3] As a result, the surname Young has become common in the counties of Antrim, Tyrone, Down and Londonderry.[3] The descendants of Peter Young married into numerous prominent families.[3] In 1670 the family sold their original estate in Easter Seton and purchased the lands of Auldbar.[3] The estates were again sold in 1743 this time to William Chalmers of Hazlehead, who was related by marriage to the Youngs.[3]

Later clansmen

Peter Young (d.1988) was a distinguished military historian who was awarded the Military Cross three times and was for a time commander of the Ninth Arab Legion, an elite unit of the kingdom of Jordan.[3] In 1968 he formed the Sealed Knot Society, a military history society, dedicated to the study of the English Civil War and the Scottish Wars of the Covenant.[3] This Peter Young was a descendant of the Youngs of Auldbar.[3]

Clan castles

  • Rue Castle, near Jedburgh, in the Scottish Borders, is the site of a castle once held by the Youngs that was torched by the English in 1513 and 1545.[1]
  • Auldbar Castle, near Brechin, Angus was held by the Clan Lyon before passing to the Youngs and then to the Chalmers of Balnacraig.[1]
  • Harburn Castle, near West Calder, West Lothian was built by the Youngs in 1804 but is now a hotel and conference centre.[1]


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