Codex Agobardinus

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The Codex Agobardinus is a collection, dating from the 9th century, of the works of Christian author Tertullian. It is named after its first owner, the Bishop Agobard of Lyons. He gave it to the Cathedral of Saint Stephen in Lyons, and the parchment codex remained there until the mid-16th century. It was damaged at some point, and the rear portion is missing. The missing parts are revealed by the table of contents in the front.

It currently resides in the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris.


  • table of contents
  • Ad Nationes, I & II
  • De Praescriptione Haereticorum (incomplete)
  • Scorpiace
  • De Testimonio Animae
  • De Corona
  • De Spectaculis
  • De idololatria (incomplete)
  • De Anima (incomplete)
  • De Oratione (incomplete)
  • De cultu feminarum (incomplete)
  • Ad uxorem
  • De exhortatione castitatis
  • De carne Christi (incomplete)

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