Croatian Growth

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Croatian Growth
President Ladislav Ilčić[1]
Founded 2011
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Ideology Social conservatism
Political Catholicism
Political position Right-wing
National affiliation Patriotic Coalition
1 / 153
European Parliament
0 / 11
Politics of Croatia
Political parties

Croatian Growth (Croatian: Hrvatski rast, acronym Hrast is a Croatian word for Oak tree) is a political party in Croatia established in 2011. Its founding was initiated by several conservative Catholic NGOs, Croatian section of Radio Maria, Croatian Republican Union, Family Party, Christian Democrat politician Ante Ledić, author Hrvoje Hitrec and two candidates in 2010 Presidential elections in Croatia, historian Josip Jurčević and Miroslav Tuđman, son of first Croatian president Franjo Tuđman.[2] The party maintains contacts with European Christian Political Movement.[3]

In the European Parliament election, 2013, Croatian Growth received 2,55% of votes, which was not enough to gain a seat.

The party participated in the Patriotic Coalition at the Croatian parliamentary election, 2015. In that election, it became possible for candidates to receive preferential votes, and the candidates of Hrast won a total of 8,800 (out of a coalition total of 771,070).[4]


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