Culture Vannin

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Culture Vannin
Formation 1982
Founder Isle of Man Government
Type Manx language
Manx culture
Gaelic revival
Headquarters Isle of Man

Culture Vannin was established in 1982 by the Isle of Man Government to promote Manx culture, heritage and language. Its motto is "Taking Culture Forward". It was renamed in February 2014, having previously been known as the "Manx Heritage Foundation" (Manx: Undinys Eiraght Vannin), since the former title "held connotations more towards the cultural history of the island" which were not felt to be accurate to the organisation's progressive approach to invigorating Manx culture.[1]


The management board of the Foundation consists of two MHKs appointed by Tynwald, three members of the general public nominated by the Council of Ministers and approved by Tynwald, and a representative from both the Isle of Man Arts Council and Manx National Heritage. It is chaired by the Hon. Phil Gawne, MHK.[2]

The Foundation currently employs four members staff:

  • Manx Language Coordinator: Adrian Cain
  • Manx Music Development Officer: Dr Breesha Maddrell
  • Manx Music Specialist: Dr Chloë Woolley
  • Administrator: Charles Guard[3]

Its offices are based in Douglas, the capital city of the Isle of Man.


Culture Vannin's policy states that its three main aims are:

1) To identify the unique areas of Manx Heritage and Culture and;
2) To find practical ways of making them relevant to today's society;
3) To support the Manx identity and contemporary Manx culture.[4]

The Foundation sets out to achieve these aims by offering financial assistance through grants or loans, by undertaking and commissioning its own research/publishing, and by offering practical advice and assistance where appropriate.

The Foundation considers Manx culture to include all of the following: crafts, language, history, natural history, music, literature, folk-lore, art, folk dance, architecture, archaeology, industrial development, law and ecology.[5]

Examples of key work carried out by the Foundation includes:

  • The awarding of Reih Bleeaney Vanannan (Manannan's Choice of the Year) in recognition of an outstanding contribution to Manx culture.[6] This has been awarded annually since 1987.
  • Support of events that celebrate the Manx language, music and dance, including: Shennaghys Jiu, Yn Chruinnaght, Cooish and Bree.
  • The publication or support for publication of a number of books, CDs and DVDs.[7]
  • Commissioning and supporting a number of oral history projects.[8]


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