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The Massachusetts Library System (est.2010) is "a state-supported collaborative" in Massachusetts with a mission to "foster ... cooperation, communication, innovation, and sharing among member libraries of all types"[1] and "to provide regional services to libraries and residents."[2][3] Members may include "public, academic, school and special" libraries.[4] The system provides the following core services: advising, BiblioTemps(Registered Trademark), training & professional development, cooperative purchasing, research & development, summer library program, and the following services as part of resource sharing: delivery, mediated interlibrary loan, journal article document delivery, MassCat [2], and online content."[5] It operates from offices in Marlborough and Whately, Massachusetts.

The entity was formed "to consolidate the services of six former regional library systems:"[6] Boston Regional Library System, Central Massachusetts Regional Library System, MetroWest Regional Library System, Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System, Southeastern Massachusetts Library System, and Western Massachusetts Regional Library System.[7] During its formation by the Massachusetts legislature in spring 2010, the state-wide system received mixed support. The Massachusetts Library Association, for example, opposed aspects of the consolidation of regional systems, claiming service would suffer.[8]

According to its website, the Massachusetts Library System's "services are provided through state funds administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners," a state agency. As of December 2010, the executive board consists of representatives from public libraries, public and private schools and colleges, and libraries of private organizations.


  • Digital Treasures is a cooperative digital library project that holds 1,300 images across 36 collections pertaining to the history of central and western Massachusetts.[9]


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