Dillon (surname)

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The Dillon motto: Dum Spiro, Spero (While I breathe, I hope)

Dillon is a family name of Irish origin but with Breton-Norman roots. It is first recorded in Ireland with the arrival of Sir Henry de Leon (c.1176 - 1244), of a cadet branch of Viscounty of Léon, Brittany. He arrived in Ireland accompanying Prince John (later King John) of England. The name evolved into the Irish language "Diolun" / English language "Dillon" (not to be confused with the Welsh given name Dylan). It is particularly common in the Meath and Westmeath counties of Ireland where the Dillon's were granted vast areas of land. The name is now widespread throughout Ireland. The Dillon family later became the Barons Clonbrock.

Dillon is the family name of the following individuals: