Dock Work Convention, 1973

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Dock Work Convention, 1973
ILO Convention
Date of adoption June 25, 1973
Date in force July 24, 1975
Classification Dockworkers
Subject Dockworkers
Previous Benzene Convention, 1971
Next Minimum Age Convention, 1973

Dock Work Convention, 1973 is an International Labour Organization Convention.

It was established in 1973:

Considering that important changes have taken place and are taking place in cargo-handling methods in docks—such as the adoption of unit loads, the introduction of roll-on roll-off techniques and the increase of mechanisation and automation—and in the pattern of movement of freight, and that such changes are expected to become more widespread in the future,...


As of 2013, the convention has been ratified by 25 states, with the most recent ratification being completed by the Russian Federation in 2004. One of the ratifying states, the Netherlands, has denounced the treaty.

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