Dominion Derby Girls

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Dominion Derby Girls
League logo
Metro area Virginia Beach, Virginia
Country United States
Founded 2006
Teams All Stars
Seven City Sirens
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Haygood Skating Center
Affiliations WFTDA (East region)
Org. type Non Profit Organization

Dominion Derby Girls is a women's flat-track roller derby league based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Dominion Derby Girls is a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) as of 2007.[1] Home bouts for DDG are held at the Haygood Skating Center in Virginia Beach, VA, their home skating rink. An article posted on, "Super Heroes on Skates", back in 2010, written by Mira Boykin, represents a good middle ground read for where the DDG has come from, and what they are moving towards. The DDG participates in various charity and fundraising events around the Hampton Roads area, including the annual Polar Plunge, various Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers, and St. Baldricks Foundation. A more complete list of these foundations will be posted at a later date, or can be received by visiting the website provided and contacting the Community Relations Committee. DDG consists of an eclectic group of skaters and referees, from different walks of life, professions, experiences, etc. One thing that can be agreed on by all is the desire to maintain a semblance of class during competition. Roller derby has been shifting, in recent years, slightly more towards the athletic side of the house. Though the live sport remains exciting, entertaining, and fast paced, the competitive spirit continues to grow in the sport. As such, DDG maintains an attitude of sportsmanship and tends to save "letting loose" for the after parties, which, in true Derby fashion, fans, opposing teams, and anyone else with a pension to celebrate with these driven but approachable athletes is invited.


Season Q4 ranking[2] Playoffs Championship
2008 6 DNQ DNQ
2009 14 10[3] DNQ
2010 13 DNQ DNQ
2011 16 DNQ DNQ
2012 15 DNQ DNQ


Active Teams

The Dominion Derby Girls league is composed of two teams which play interleague bouts: the All Stars [4] and the Seven City Sirens [5] (B-team). The All Stars compete with other WFTDA member teams in sanctioned bouts for rankings. The Sirens compete against other leagues' B-teams or WFTDA apprentice leagues.

Former Teams

In previous years DDG has had home teams who competed against each other and were composed of skaters from both the All Stars and Seven City Sirens. Those teams included the St. Brawli Girls, Dirty Diesel Darlins, and Femmes Fatales.[6] As of the 2012 season, the home teams had been dissolved.

Team Insanity Wolf (Referees)

Though come game time the referees in any league are impartial enforcers of conduct, rules, and fair play, each team has a number of referees practicing with them for scrimmage purposes, games, etc. The referees that base themselves with DDG go by the name Team Insanity Wolf.[7]


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