Dorothy Walker Bush

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Dorothy Walker Bush
File:Prescott and Dorothy Bush 1952.jpg
Dorothy Bush with Prescott in 1952
Born Dorothy Weir Walker
(1901-07-01)1 July 1901
York County, Maine
Died 19 November 1992(1992-11-19) (aged 91)
Greenwich, Connecticut
Education Miss Porter's School
Spouse(s) Prescott Sheldon Bush
Children Prescott Bush, Jr.
George H. W. Bush
Nancy Bush
Jonathan Bush
William H. T. Bush
Parent(s) George Herbert Walker
Lucretia Weir

Dorothy Weir Walker Bush (1 July 1901 – 19 November 1992), mother to 41st President of the United States, George H. W. Bush, and the grandmother of 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.[1] Time on her death wrote that "George (H.W.) Bush was shaped and tempered by his mother's nature."[2] Dorothy Bush raised her five children in a strongly religious home. During her childhood she attended church as many as three times each Sunday.[3]


She was born near Walker's Point, in York County, Maine, to George Herbert Walker and Lucretia "Loulie" (Weir) Walker (1874–1961), daughter of James H. Weir.[4][5]

Dorothy Walker's family is unrelated to the colonial New England (local) Walkers that settled York County, ME and are buried in Kennebunkport, the Berwicks, and in York.

Walker attended Mary Institute [6] and married Prescott Sheldon Bush on August 6, 1921, in Kennebunkport, Maine. They had five children: Prescott "Pressy" Bush, Jr. (1922–2010), George H. W. Bush (1924; (named after Dorothy's father, George Herbert Walker), Nancy Bush (1926), Jonathan Bush (1931), and William "Bucky" Bush (1938).[4][5]

Her mother Lucretia Wear was descended from French Huguenots (Gabriel and Marie Hersent Maupin) who arrived in America in 1700.

Dorothy Walker Bush died at age 91 in Greenwich, Connecticut, on November 19, 1992, only 16 days after her son lost the 1992 presidential election to Bill Clinton. She is interred with her husband Prescott Bush at Putnam Cemetery in Greenwich, Connecticut.[5]



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