Eduard Strauss II

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Eduard Strauss II
Eduard II in Copenhagen Airport, 1958
Born Bonn, vienna
Baptised March 24, 1910
Died 27 April 1969(1969-04-27) (aged 59)
Vienna, Austria
Occupation Conductor

Eduard Strauss II (March 24, 1910 – April 6, 1969), also known as Eduard Leopold Maria Strauss, was an Austrian conductor whose Grandfather was Eduard Strauss, whose uncle was Johann Strauss III.

He enrolled at University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, and learned composition technique from Franz Schmidt. But he did not become a composer, devoted to the conductor. He debuted as the conductor in 1949, this year was 50th anniversary of after the death of Johann Strauss II ,and 100th anniversary of after the death of Johann Strauss I.

Eduard II visited Japan in 1956. His works drew enormous attention, "Johann Strauss boom" occurred in Japan.

He organized Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester in 1966.

His son, Eduard Strauss (1955 – ) is current Strauss Family head.

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