Elisabeth Volkenrath

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Elisabeth Volkenrath
Elisabeth Volkenrath.jpg
Volkenrath in 1945
Born (1919-09-05)5 September 1919
Died 13 December 1945(1945-12-13) (aged 26)
Hamelin Prison, Hamelin, Germany
Allegiance Nazi Germany
Service/branch Schutzstaffel
Rank Oberaufseherin

Elisabeth Volkenrath (5 September 1919 – 13 December 1945) was a German supervisor at several Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

Volkenrath, née Mühlan, was an ungelernte Hilfskraft (unskilled worker) when she volunteered for service in a concentration camp. She started in October 1941 at Ravensbrück concentration camp as a simple Aufseherin. In March 1942, she went to Auschwitz Birkenau where she worked in the same function as at Ravensbrück. At Auschwitz, she met SS-Rottenführer Heinz Volkenrath, who had worked there since 1941 as SS-Blockführer. They married in 1943. Elisabeth Volkenrath participated in the selection of prisoners for the gas chambers and in November 1944 was promoted to Oberaufseherin for all camp sections for female prisoners at Auschwitz.[1]:218

Elisabeth Volkenrath was transferred to Bergen-Belsen when Auschwitz was closed. From February 1945, she was Oberaufseherin (supervising wardress) at Bergen-Belsen.[1]:218

Belsen trial

In April 1945, she was arrested by the British Army, and stood trial in the Belsen Trial. She was sentenced to death, and executed at Hamelin Prison by Albert Pierrepoint later that year.[1]:218


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