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The European Conservatives Group (EC) is a conservative group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. It was originally founded as the Group of Independent Representatives in 1970 by British and Scandinavian members of PACE, having about 35-40 members from the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Sweden and Switzerland. It was also formerly known as the European Democrat Group until its renaming in 2014.

It is affiliated to the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists Europarty.

While it was only the third group to be founded in PACE (after the Socialist Group and the Christian Democrat Group), it was the first to have an official secretariat, which was established in 1977. On 6 July 1978, a proposal to rename the group was submitted, leading to the official new name in September 1980.

For many years Vladimir Putin's United Russia party were members of the European Democrat Group.


As of 23 October 2014, the European Conservatives have the following members:[1]

Country Party name Members Other affiliations
Europarty EU Parliament International
 Armenia Prosperous Armenia 2 AECR N/A None
 Armenia Republican Party of Armenia (part)[A] 1 None N/A None
 Azerbaijan New Azerbaijan Party 4 None N/A None
 Czech Republic Civic Democratic Party 2 AECR ECR IDU
 Denmark Danish People's Party 1 None ECR None
 Greece Independent Greeks 1 None ECR None
 Iceland Independence Party 2 AECR N/A IDU
 Norway Progress Party 2 None N/A None
 Poland Law and Justice 7 AECR ECR None
 Poland United Poland 1 MELD No MEPs None
 Turkey Justice and Development Party (part)[B] 13 AECR N/A None
 Turkey Nationalist Movement Party[C] 1 None N/A None
 Ukraine Party of Regions (part)[D] 4 None N/A None
 Ukraine Sovereign European Ukraine 1 None N/A None
 United Kingdom Conservative Party 17 AECR ECR IDU
 United Kingdom Democratic Unionist Party 1 None Non-Inscrits None
^A One of the three members of the Republican Party of Armenia sit with the EC Group. The other two members sit with the European People's Party.
^B Eleven of the thirteen members of the Justice and Development Party sit with the EC Group. One sits with the European People's Party and one sits with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.
^C One of the two members of the Nationalist Movement Party sits with the EC Group. The other member sits with the Socialist Group.
^D Four of the seven members of Party of Regions sit with the EC Group. Two sit with the Socialist Group and one sits with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

Unaffiliated members: Ganira Pashayeva, Yuliya L'Ovochkina

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