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FPT University is a private university in Vietnam. FPT University is a member of FPT Corporation - one of the units on ICT training in Vietnam located in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

Educational Programs

Bachelor of International Software Engineering (ISE)

Software engineers create, maintain and modify computer and software programs such as operating systems, communications software, utility programs and compilers. They design and develop many types of software including computer games, operating systems, network control systems, middleware and business applications to meet specific business needs. This program aims to teach individuals about computer science and prepare them to analyze, design, develop and maintain software programs. It is particularly suited to students with strong communication skills who will work at the interface between a software system and a business organization. You will learn to

  • Work in complex software development environments, operating systems, communication platforms, databases and varied application and undertake studies in all facets of the software engineering process.
  • Focus on software development life cycle, design, testing and running. Going beyond programming to assess and meet customer’s needs
  • Develop software solutions that involves assembling an extensive amount of codes into working applications
  • Update and fix existing problems in a software.[1]

Bachelor of International Business Administration (IBA)

This program aims to develop students’ business acumen and management capabilities through an innovative and internationally recognized program built on the expertise of the leading professionals in the discipline. This program will:

Prepare students to launch their career at a global level and play a fundamental role in companies and organizations by providing them with the technical knowledge and leadership skills needed in the Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and International Business sectors. Provide an international environment and connections to the business world that will enable students to lead a successful career in the world’s top corporations or set up their own business.[2]

Master of International Software Engineering (MSE)

This program is designed to bring the benefits of modern technology and high quality graduate-level instruction to engineers/scientists/technologists interested in furthering their skills in the following areas:

Project Management: so as to become effective future project/program managers; Systems Management: related to the life cycle of systems including definition, development, deployment and decommissioning; Technology Management: to manage and lead technology development in global markets. Big Data[3]

Short courses

Over 400 students from all around the world come to FPT University for Exchange, Study Abroad and Internship programs every year. In 2013, nearly 500 students from France, Denmark, Portugal, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Brunei and Taiwan chose us for their study abroad experience. Our short term programs highly focus on creating a globalized environment to nurture cross-culture exchange and knowledge share among mobile students. Accordingly, we always endeavor to get them involved in highly interactive classes and enrichment activities and to support them with modern facilities and necessary resources. The academic program, which holds a high reputation for its excellent quality, is neatly designed to match any interest of various disciplines. Through the Study Abroad Programs in Vietnam, we hope to make a contribution to the education of global citizens in a globalized world.









Experience FPT University to the fullest by staying in our fantastic residence halls at the Hoa Lac campus, which can provide full services for about 25,000 students. Located in the center of the campus, the newly built dormitories are close to lecture halls, library, canteen, and sports area. The campus centre is within walking distance for students staying in dorms.

Da Nang

Situated in the southeast corner of Da Nang city at the Ngu Hanh Son district, FPT City is a 181-hector town. The town is composed of a downtown center, business district, and different neighborhood zones. FPT City is one of the first urban zones in Vietnam that is designed with a “green city” objective, with plans to reduce energy needs and carbon emissions from the population at the city.

At the heart of the city are FPT Complex and FPT University Da Nang. FPT Complex is an office complex specifying in information technology, software and e-services development. FPT University Da Nang is the university campus of the city, which include classrooms, research institute, and training center, with the aim to research and develop new technology and put them into practice.

Ho Chi Minh City

Located in Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) – FPT University Ho Chi Minh City currently is a small campus with the adequate facility. This campus has been designed to accommodate 2,000 students attending undergraduate programs.

So as to meet the increased demand in the number of new enrollments, a new modern building is under construction and will be put in to use in 2017. The architects claim the greenery will provide shade and improve air quality, reducing the campus’ reliance on air conditioning. They expect these semi-outdoor spaces to provide meeting, lunching and events areas for some of the 5,000 students that can occupy the campus at any one time.[4]


When founded in 2006, Dr., Associate Professor Truong Gia Binh , FPT Corp chairman of management board, was in charged of FPT University chairman, while Dr Le Truong Tung was the first Dean.[5][6] It is the first private university to be opened in Vietnam.[7]

Dr Le Truong Tung was in the position of FPT University Rector as well as FPT University chairman of BoD in 2011. Dr Dam Quang Minh has become FPT University Rector since September 2014, the youngest rector in Vietnam at that time. There are currently 20,000 students at FPT University studying full academic bachelor, partnership programme, postgraduate, polytechnic and high school.

All instructors would be required to have two years' working experience in the IT industry, and have to sit for an entrance examination. Foreign language teaching would form an integral part of the curriculum, and they aim to recruit native-speaking foreign language teachers and subject area teachers who can deliver their lessons in English.[8] After one year of language preparation, a foreign language would be used as the medium of instruction for all courses.[7] English would not be the only such language used; the Vietnam Software Association are working with the school's embedded software faculty to establish a programme in Japanese.[9]

FPT University will award a scholarship named Nguyen Van Dao to honour the memory of his great support when FPT University was founded. Professor Nguyen Van Dao was a world acclaimed mathematician and one of Vietnam’s leading education administrators. Microsoft, which is a strategic partner of the managing organization FPT, have an arrangement with the university to offer training to their students on Microsoft technologies.[10] At US$11,200 for the four-year course of study, the university's fees are extremely high, especially when compared to the US$720 cost of four years at a public university.

The fight to gain permission to open the university itself represented a rarity in Vietnam; the Ministry of Education (Vietnam) were originally unwilling to grant permission for the university to be opened, and delayed for two months the necessary approval for the university to begin enrolling students. FPT used the media to put pressure on the Ministry, which eventually signed the official approval document on 15 November 2006.[11]

The University currently runs a collaborative program with the University of Greenwich, England, the UK. The off-site Top-up +2, which commenced in August, 2009, is a collaborative program between the University of Greenwich in the U.K. and FPT University in Vietnam and this is currently the only program in Vietnam that awards Aptech graduates a U.K. bachelors’ degree in only 1 year.[12]

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