Finnish Intelligence Research Establishment

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File:Finnish Air Force F-27-400M.jpg
A Fokker F27 used by Viestikoelaitos for airborne ESM / ELINT duties. The F27 replaced the previous Leena and Ursula systems flown on a DC-3[1]

The Finnish Intelligence Research Establishment (FIRE) (Finnish: Viestikoelaitos ("Signals Test Facility")) is a signals intelligence (SIGINT) unit of the Finnish Defence Forces, founded in 1960. It is part of the organization of the Finnish Air Force, and shares its headquarters in Tikkakoski. It is part of the Finnish Military Intelligence Service.

Very little information about the unit is publicly available. Except for the budget and the number of employees, virtually every document concerning any closer details of the leadership structure of the facility, its intelligence objects and processes etc., is classified as secret or top secret, as confirmed by a Supreme Administrative Court ruling in 2007.[2] In 1998 it had a budget of 51 million Finnish Markka (8.6 million euro) and a staff of 189.[3] In 2004 the budget was 12.2 million euro and personnel 125.[4]

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