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Gerard Evans was a man from Crossmaglen, County Armagh, Northern Ireland who disappeared in County Monaghan, Republic of Ireland in 1979.[1][2] He was a painter and decorator by trade.[1] In October 2010 his remains were found in the townland of Carrickrobin, near Hackballscross, County Louth.[1][3]

Allegations regarding Evans' abduction and murder

Suzanne Breen wrote in October 2010 that the Sunday Tribune had received information in 2009 about the location of Evans' remains from a member of the Provisional IRA South Armagh Brigade.[2] According to the source, Evans had been accused of being an informer and was executed by a group of 12 members of the Provisional IRA.[2] The source claimed to have been a member of the group in question and was afraid of being identified by the IRA leadership in case he was killed. The source also claimed to have been influenced by the death of Paul Quinn in deciding to speak out.[2]

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