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Indus Media Group
Country Pakistan
Broadcast area South Asia
Headquarters Karachi
Free-To-Air on Paksat 1 at 38.0°E
Free-To-Air on AsiaSat 3S at 105.5°E
Free-To-Air on Measat 3 at 91.5°E

Indus Media Group (IMG) is a Pakistani company broadcasting a mix of free-to-air news and entertainment channels via satellite.

IMG owns and operates the Indus brand of television channels in various global markets.


Indus Media Group (IMG) owns and operates Indus TV Network (Private) Limited and the Indus brand of television channels in various global markets.

Indus Media launched a 24-hour channel called Indus Plus offering a blend of periodic news updates, infotainment, and entertainment with each segment dedicated to targeting specific audiences.

G Kaboom was IMG's fourth launch as a 24-hour regional music, lifestyle and infotainment channel for the urban youth throughout the region. The channel provides regional music, entertainment news shows, red carpets, fashion shows, lifestyle, and infotainment programs.


Indus TV

Indus Vision

Indus Vision
Launched 2001
Slogan Your Drama Channel
Pehla (Middle East) Channel 35

Indus Vision is Pakistan’s first independent satellite channel and a general entertainment channel. It operates 24 hours per day, offering Urdu programming that includes dramas, sitcoms, entertainment & magazine shows, cooking shows, fashion shows, talk shows, television films, kid's programming (including the popular 3-hour segment Indus Chotu), and music.[citation needed]

Its programs include:

  • Dil Ki Baat
  • Eye Vision
  • Home Show
  • Indus Chotu
  • Indus Yoga
  • Kaanch Ki Gudiya
  • Mera Naam Hay Mohabat
  • Pak Raha Hai Kia
  • Sawal
  • Sitaron Ki Shaam
  • Sola Singhar
  • Studio3[1]

Indus News

Indus News
Indus News
Owned by Indus Media Group
Slogan "Jo Sach Hai Wo Khabar Hai"
National Cable network (Pakistan) Channel 58
Southern Networks (Pakistan) Channel 31
Ptcl Smart (Pakistan) Channel 46
Streaming media

Indus News is a 24-hour news, infotainment, and entertainment channel. It has news bulletins on the hour every hour. In addition to diverse programming for all viewers, it offers daytime programming dedicated to women and is the first of its kind from Pakistan. Indus News offers Urdu programming which includes talk shows, Hassan Wassan's documentaries, cooking shows, celebrity interviews, soaps, news and views, current affairs, sports, and stock markets updates. It also includes prime time interactive game shows.


Indus Music

Indus Music (IM) is a music channel. It has interactive VJs, celebrity interviews, comic fillers, theme shows, and live concerts. It is the home of the only Pakistani music industry awards, the IM Awards.

In terms of format, IM compares with any international popular music channel offering round-the-clock-music.


In order to bring the world together through music, IM has come up with the IM-MTV Asia Collaboration.

Indus Music is currently offered in Pakistan and 64 countries.

IM is replaced by MTV Pakistan, where as a segment of Indus Music International runs on the sister channel G Kaboom.

G Kaboom

G Kaboom is a 24-hour regional music channel. When first started the channel provided regional music, entertainment news shows, red carpets, fashion shows, lifestyle, and infotainment programs. Since 2010, it is dedicated to music only.

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