Intelligence-Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Intelligence-Security Agency of BiH
Obavještajno sigurnosna / bezbjednosna agencija BiH
File:Intelligence-Security Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Logo.gif
Intelligence-Security Agency of BiH
Agency overview
Formed June 1, 2004
Headquarters Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Annual budget Classified
Agency executive
  • Osman Mehmedagić, Director

The Intelligence-Security Agency of BiH, commonly known by its acronym OSA-OBA BiH, is the primary intelligence agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was created in 2004 by the Bosnian House of Representatives and House of People in March 2004.[1]

Mission and Function

The State Intelligence Service has the following duties:[2]

  • collect information from abroad for the purpose of national security;
  • undertake intelligence activities for the purpose of the protection of integrity, independence and constitutional order;
  • collect information regarding terrorist activity, the production and trafficking of narcotics, the production of weapons of mass destruction and crimes against the environment;
  • collect information regarding organized crime that endangers national security.

Relationship with other state entities

Institutional Position of the State Intelligence Service and relationship with other state bodies:[3]

The State Intelligence Service falls under the authority of the Prime Minister. Its Head is appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic on the advice of the Prime Minister.

OSA operates within this context and while it has been identified as being "generally under effective civilian control" (U.S. Department of State, 2004) the agency has still been associated with various abuses within the country and continues to play a significant role in domestic politics. The Bosnian government has received support from the U.S. and European countries in working to establish or reform national institutions, including its intelligence and security services.


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