Intelligence Agency of Republic of Macedonia

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Intelligence Agency
Агенција за разузнавање (АР)
Agencija za razuznavanje (AR)
Flag of Intelligence Agency of Macedonia
Logo of the Intelligence Agency of Macedonia
Agency overview
Formed April 1, 1995; 24 years ago (1995-04-01)
Preceding agencies
Headquarters Skopje, Macedonia
Motto none
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified
Agency executive

The Intelligence Agency of Republic of Macedonia was set up as a separate body of state administration under the Law on the Intelligence Agency adopted in April 1995.


The Intelligence Agency is competent to collect data and information of relevance for the security and defense of the Republic of Macedonia and the economic, political and other interests of the state. The Agency analyses and researches the data and information and is obliged to inform the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Government of the Republic of Macedonia and other state bodies on issues of relevance for their field of work. The Act on the manner of information is adopted by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, upon prior consent of the President of the Republic of Macedonia.

Civil control over the Agency

The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia oversees the work of the Agency through a corresponding commission. The Commission submits a report to the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia about the activity performed once a year at the most. Prior to submitting the report the Commission is obliged to communicate the same to the Director of the Agency.[1]

Organizational structure


# Portrait Name Mandate commenced on Mandate finished on Political Party
1991-1995 see State Security Administration
1 50px Vlado Popovski 1995  ? SDSM
2 50px Aleksa Stamenkovski  ?  ? SDSM
3 50px Dragi Grozdanovski 2000 2002 VMRO-DPMNE
4 50px Dosta Dimovska 2002 2003 VMRO-DPMNE
5 50px Dragi Grozdanovski
2nd term
2003 2004 VMRO-DPMNE
6 50px Lazar Kitanovski 2004 2006 SDSM
7 50px Kire Naumov 2006 2007 SDSM
8 50px Viktor Dimovski 2007 2009 VMRO-DPMNE
9 50px Aleksandar Bocinov 2009 2013 VMRO-DPMNE
10 50px Nakje Chulev 2013 incumbent VMRO-DPMNE



The budget of the agency for 2012 is in the flowing web address [1]


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