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JCDecaux Group
Public limited company with an an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board (EuronextDEC)
Industry Out-of-Home Advertising
Founded 1964
Founder Jean-Claude Decaux
Headquarters Neuilly-sur-Seine, France
Products Street furniture, Bus shelter, Self-service Bikes
Revenue Increase €2.813 billion (2014)
Increase 215.6 million (2014)
Owners Jean-François Decaux, Jean-Charles Decaux
Number of employees
12 300 (2015)
Website [2]

JCDecaux Group (JCDecaux SA, French pronunciation: ​[ʒisedəˈko]) is a multinational corporation based in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France,[2] known for its bus-stop advertising systems, billboards, public bicycle rental systems, and street furniture. It is the largest outdoor advertising corporation in the world.[3][4]

The company was founded in 1964 in Lyon, France by Jean-Claude Decaux. Over the years it has expanded aggressively, partly through acquisitions of smaller advertising companies in several countries. It currently operates in more than 54 countries, 165 airports and has approximately 9940 employees; its advertising reaches 175 million people each day.[citation needed] Its headquarters is located in Neuilly-sur-Seine,[2] a suburb of Paris, France. JCDecaux currently employs more than 12,300 people worldwide and maintains a presence in over 70 countries. In France alone, JCDecaux employs more than 3,500 people.[citation needed]

Bicycle Rental Systems

JCDecaux van in France.

The public bicycle rental systems are each financed by local advertising operators in return for the cities signing over a 10-year licence to exploit city-wide billboards. The overall scheme is called Cyclocity by the company, but each city's system is branded under an individual name.

The cities that have implemented its bicycle rental systems are listed below.[5]

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City Country Launch date System
Stations Bikes
Amiens  France 2008 Vélam 26 313
Besançon  France 2007 VéloCité 30 200
Brisbane  Australia 2010 CityCycle 150 2000
Brussels  Belgium 2009 Villo! 360 5000
Cergy-Pontoise  France 2009 VélO2 42 400
Córdoba  Spain 2003 Cyclocity 4 35
Créteil  France 2010 Cristolib’ 10 130
Dublin  Ireland 2009 dublinbikes 102 1500
Gijón  Spain 2003 Gijon-Bici 8 64
Göteborg  Sweden 2010 Styr & Ställ 50[6] 600[6]
Kazan  Russia 2013 Veli’K 12 260
Lillestrøm  Norway 2013 Bysykkel 5 50
Ljubljana  Slovenia 2011 BicikeLJ 31 300
Lund  Sweden 2014 Lundahoj 17 250
Luxembourg  Luxembourg 2008 Vel'oh 72 742
Lyon  France 2005 Vélo'v 348 4000
Marseille  France 2007 Le vélo 130 1000
Mulhouse  France 2007 Vélocité 40 240
Nancy  France 2008 VélOstan'lib 29 250
Nantes  France 2008 Bicloo 102 880
Paris  France 2007 Vélib' 1746 23845
Rouen  France 2007 Cy'clic 20 250
Santander  Spain 2008 Tusbic 15 200
Seville  Spain 2007 Sevici 260 2500
Toulouse  France 2007 VélôToulouse 253 2400
Toyama  Japan 2010 Cyclocity-Toyama 15 150
Valencia  Spain 2010 Valenbisi 275 2750
Vienna  Austria 2003 City Bike 116 1500
Vilnius  Lithuania 2013 Cyclocity Vilnius 36 300

Non-European divisions

North America

Its North America division has its head office in 3 Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.[7]

Middle East

The company’s operation also covers the Middle East with offices established in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Doha in Qatar, as well as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and Madinah in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, JCDecaux signed recently a 20-year exclusive street furniture contract to provide the City of Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, with a wide range of advertising street furniture.[8]

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