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James Leroy (b. Ottawa, Ontario April 3, 1947; d. Ottawa, Ontario May 10, 1979)[1] was a nationally-recognized Canadian singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer.


James Leroy spent his childhood and adolescence in Martintown, Ontario, prior to relocating to Ottawa, where he had been born. His music career commenced as a folk singer and songwriter for local bands. Local impresario Harvey Glatt agreed to produce and manage Leroy.[1] Glatt produced Leroy's first single, "Touch of Magic", which reached Number 6 on the Canadian Top Singles Chart, published by RPM Magazine. In 2002, the song received the Classic Award from the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, for achieving more than 100,000 plays on Canadian radio.[1]

Glatt also arranged for Adam Mitchell to produce the subsequent album, James Leroy and Denim, released by GRT Records in 1973.[1][2] Denim, Leroy's supporting group, included Gary Comeau,[1] one of the founding members of The Esquires, a nationally recognized Canadian band and Val Tuck. Two further singles from the album, "You Look Good in Denim" and "Make It All Worthwhile" were top 20 Canadian singles.[2]

James Leroy dissolved Denim in 1974 and attempted to develop a solo career. Two singles were produced by Ian Thomas, but were not successful. An anticipated solo album did not materialize.[2] In 1976, he joined Major's Hoople's Boarding House and later the name was changed to Boarding House. They toured the Maritimes.

In late 1978, Leroy and new manager, Martin Onrot, began assembling a band, composed on several ex-Denim players and some new musicians. This band undertook a cross-Canada tour.He also had plans to crack the U.S. market at this time.

James Leroy committed suicide in a Ottawa hotel on May 10, 1979, at the age of 32.[3]


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