John Rubens Smith

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John Rubens Smith
File:John Rubens Smith self-portrait ca. 1817.jpg
Self-portrait, c. 1817
Born January 23, 1775
Died August 21, 1849
New York City

John Rubens Smith (January 23, 1775 – August 21, 1849) was a London-born painter, printmaker and art instructor who worked in the United States.


Smith was born in London, England where he first studied art with his father, John Raphael Smith, a mezzotint engraver. He later studied art at the Royal Academy.

Smith emigrated to New York City from London about 1807. He depicted the United States in the decades before photography, and influenced a generation of American artists through his drawing academies and drawing manuals. He died in New York City.

His son John Rowson Smith (1810–1864) was a moving panorama painter who worked with Richard Risley Carlisle.



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