Johnston (surname)

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Language(s) English
Meaning 1. "John's town"
2. "St John's town"
3. "John's son"
Other names
Variant(s) ], Johnstone

Johnston is in most cases a habitational surname derived from several places in Scotland; however, it may also be a variant of the surname Johnson. The surname is most common throughout Scotland, Ireland and North America.


The habitational surname originates in most cases from the place so called in Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. This surname is derived from the genitive case of the given name John and tone or toun ("settlement" in Middle English; tun in Old English), literally meaning "John's town". There are several similar place names in Scotland, including the city of Perth, which was once known as St. John's Toun. This and other similarly named locations may also be sources for the surname Johnston.[1] In other cases, Johnston].[1]

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