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The Kaituozhe-1 or (KT-1) (Explorer-1 in English) is a Chinese commercial launch vehicle. Small and solid-fueled, its design was based on the road mobile DF-31 ICBM with an additional upper stage. The vehicle has performed two flights, the first in September 2002 and the second exactly one year later. The first flight failed to place a 50 kg satellite into polar orbit due to a second stage malfunction. The second flight was more successful, with Chinese officials declaring that guidance systems, fairing separation and satellite-launcher separation met "R&D standard."[citation needed] The launch vehicle is a member of the Long March rocket family[citation needed] and was manufactured by Space Solid Fuel Carrier Co.

The launch vehicle used during a 2007 ASAT was speculated to be the KT-409, a derivative of the KT-1.[1]

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