Kome Caves

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The Kome Caves are a group of cave dwellings made out of mud in the district of Berea, Lesotho. The caves are still inhabited by the descendants of the original people who built the caves.[1]


The Kome Cave Dwellings were built and protected by Chief Teleka of The Basia(cat) Clan in the early 19th century.[2] The main purpose for the cave dwellings was to serve as a hideout from other Basotho people who resorted to cannibalism during the drought in the late 18th century.[3]


The Kome Cave Dwellings are located in the Berea District about a half an hours drive from Teyateyaneng, the capital of the Berea District, and an hours drive from Maseru, the capital of the Maseru District and Lesotho. The geographical coordinates are S 29° 14′ 38.2 E 027° 52′ 00.2[4]


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