L'Église réformée du Québec

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L'Église Réformée du Québec, or "Reformed Church of Quebec", is a small conservative French-speaking Reformed Christian denomination located primarily within the Canadian province of Quebec.


Huguenot settlers came to New France at a very early date, during the time the governor was Reformed. In France the Edict of Nantes had outlawed Protestants. In the early 1800s during Napoleons Reform churches began to form. 25 congregations and schools were part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Mission interest then turned west and as a result the congregations declined in Québec. There were 3 online congregations established in 1975.[1]

Although the member churches had already been present in Quebec for a number of years, the denomination came into existence officially on 6 November 1988. Some congregations were independent and some linked to denominations such as the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Presbyterian Church in America, and the Christian Reformed Church. There were 9 founding congregations, scattered in different parts of Québec.[2]

Although officially independent from this denomination, Farel Reformed Theological Seminary has strong personal ties to the Reformed Church of Quebec.

Churches, membership, affiliations

The church has 5 small congregations in the Province of Quebec, Canada. The denomination seeks to be a continuation of the French Huguenot tradition. Member church are a part of the NAPARC and the World Reformed Fellowship.[3]


The Reformed Church of Quebec is a conservative Reformed church and adheres to the Three Forms of Unity, the Heidelberg Catechism, La Rochelle Confession of Faith and the Westminster Standards. RCQ accepts the ecumenical creeds as well:

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