Languages of Hungary

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Languages of Hungary
Official languages Hungarian
Minority languages German, Romanian
Main foreign languages English (16%)
German (11%)
Sign languages Hungarian Sign Language
File:Gyula trilingual table.JPG
Trilingual (Hungarian, Romanian, German) table in Gyula (meaning "social health insurance")

The languages spoken in Hungary are as follows.


Uralic languages
Hungarian: The only official language of the country, unrelated to any of the neighbouring languages. It is the first language of some 98.9% of the total population.
Indo-European languages
German: spoken by the German minority, especially in and around Mecsek Mountains, but also in other parts of the country. (Historically, the Swabian German dialect was spoken in Hungary.)
Slovak: spoken by the Slovak minority, especially in the North Hungarian Mountains and around Békéscsaba.
Serbian: spoken by the Serbian minority, especially in and around Bácska, but also on other territories of Southern Hungary.
Slovene: spoken by the Slovene minority, especially around the Slovenian border, Western Hungary.
Croatian: spoken by the Croatian minority, especially in Southern Hungary.
Romanian: spoken by the Romanian minority, especially in and around Gyula, Eastern Hungary.
Romani: spoken by some members of the Roma minority throughout the country.

Population by knowledge of languages

Language Number of speakers (2011)[1][2] Note
Hungarian 9,896,333 (99.6%) The only official language of Hungary. Of whom 9,827,875 people (98.9%) speak it as a first language, while 68,458 people (0.7%) speak it as a second language.
English 1,589,180 (16.0%) Foreign language
German 1,111,997 (11.2%) Foreign language and co-official minority language
Russian 158,497 (1.6%) Foreign language
Romanian 128,852 (1.3%) Foreign language and co-official minority language
French 117,121 (1.2%) Foreign language
Italian 80,837 (0.8%) Foreign language

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  1. Hungarian census 2011 / Országos adatok / A népesség nyelvismeret és nemek szerint (population by spoken language), A népesség anyanyelv, nemzetiség és nemek szerint (population by mother tongue and ethnicity) (Hungarian)
  2. Note: percentages do not add up to 100% as, according to the census, large proportion of Hungarians speak more than one language (native and a second language). Not all languages are shown.