Latino Rugby League Sevens

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Latino Rugby League Sevens
Current season or competition:
2015 Latino Rugby League Sevens
Sport Rugby league football
Instituted 2015
Inaugural season 2015
Number of teams 6
Country International (RLIF)
Chile Chile national rugby league team (2015)
Broadcast partner Fox Sports (AU)
Sky Sports (NZ)[citation needed]

Latino Rugby League Sevens is a Rugby league sevens tournament held annually in Cabramatta, New South Wales, Australia. It was first held in 2015.[1][2][3][4]

Clubs and teams

The clubs that competed in the Latino Rugby League Sevens[5]


  • Pool A

Chile 34 d El Salvador 20

Chile 20 d Uruguay 4

El Salvador 22 d Uruguay 14

  • Pool B

Peru 28 d Ecuador 0

Peru 12 d Colombia 4

Ecuador 18 d Colombia 8

  • GYG Latino Sevens Final

Chile 14 d Peru 10 (Halftime 10-all)

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