Leather & Grace

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Leather & Grace ~ Unitarian Universalists for BDSM Awareness
Abbreviation L&G
Formation 2011
Type religious organization, BDSM/kink
Purpose To actively engage in educational and advocacy work for "kink-oriented" UUs within the denomination.
  • United States
Desmond Ravenstone
Key people
L&G Steering Committee
Affiliations National Coalition for Sexual Freedom
Website https://leatherandgrace.wordpress.com/

Leather & Grace ~ Unitarian Universalists for BDSM Awareness, also known as L&G, is an organization of Unitarian Universalists who identify with or support the BDSM/kink community. Founded in 2011,[1] L&G is a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom,[2] and actively engages in educational and advocacy work for "kink-oriented" UUs within the denomination.[3][4][5] The organization's efforts are coordinated by an elected Steering Committee, which appoints and oversees specialized committees (Educational Outreach, Crisis Response, etc.) and local affiliates. The current Moderator is Desmond Ravenstone, a lay leader at the Arlington Street Church in Boston, Massachusetts.


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