List of English words of Australian Aboriginal origin

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These words of Australian Aboriginal origin include some that are almost universal in the English-speaking world, such as kangaroo and boomerang. Many such words have also become loan words in other languages beyond English, while some are restricted to Australian English.

Flora and fauna


Aboriginal culture

Describing words

  • Koori - Aboriginal people from Victoria and New South Wales
  • cooee
  • Murri - Aboriginal people from Queensland
  • Nungga - Aboriginal people from South Australia
  • Noongar - Aboriginal people from southern Western Australia
  • yabber - to talk
  • yakka - work
  • yarndi (slang term for marijuana)

Place names



  • Kylie (Noongar word for "throwing stick")
  • Narelle (possibly a back-formation of Sydney suburb Narellan)


Aboriginal-sounding[original research?] words not of Aboriginal origin