List of Indo-European languages

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The approximate present-day distribution of the Indo-European branches within their homelands of Europe and Asia:
  Non-Indo-European languages
Dotted/striped areas indicate where multilingualism is common.

The Indo-European languages include some 439 (SIL estimate[1]) languages and dialects spoken by about three billion people, including most of the major language families of Europe and western Asia, which belong to a single superfamily. Each subfamily in this list contains many subgroups and individual languages.

Albanian language

Anatolian languages (extinct)

Armenian language

Baltic languages

Extinct languages:

Celtic languages

Germanic languages

Hellenic languages (Greek)

Indo-Iranian languages

Italic languages

Slavic languages

Tocharian languages

  • Tocharian A (Turfanian, East Tocharian or Agnean)
  • Tocharian B (Kuchean or West Tocharian)
  • Tocharian C (Kröanian)

Indo-European languages whose relationship to other languages in the family is unclear


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