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Jain /ˈn/ is the title and name given to an adherent of Jainism. The term has its origin in the Sanskrit term jina ("conqueror" or "victor"). This article lists prominent individuals who have self-identified as a follower of Jainism.


Business leaders / Top executives



Indian Freedom Struggle

Political Leaders








Champat Rai Jain, 20th century Jain scholar
  • Ilango Adigal
  • Champat Rai Jain - influential Jain writer and apologist of the 20th century
  • Banarasidas - poet, spiritualist and thinker. composed the Banarasivilasa, Nataka Samayasara and his magnum opus, Ardhakathanaka, the first ever autobiography in Hindi literature.
  • Nathuram Premi - publisher and scholar of Jainism, founder of Hindi Granth Karyalay and Manikchandra Jain Granthamala, historian, researcher, social reformer and editor of Jain Mitra and Jain Hitaishi'
  • Bhagchandra Jain 'Bhaskar' - scholar of Jainism, Buddhism, religious studies and ancient languages. He is a recipient of the President's (Rastrapati) Award and has written over 40 books and published more than 300 research papers.
  • Bal Patil[21] - author, journalist, Jain activist and ex-member of Minority Commission, Government of Maharashtra
  • Padmanabh Jaini - author, Professor Emeritus Berkeley University
  • Jainendra Kumar
  • Kanhaiyalal Sethia
  • Jatasimhanandi
  • Shivakotiacharya
  • Janna
  • Bhattakalanka Deva[22] - Kannada grammarian
  • Virchand Gandhi - represented Jainism in 1893's parliament of world religions, delivered 535 captivating speeches in USA and Europe, and as activist initiated education of Indian women's in USA under banner of SEWI.[23]





Social Workers


Padma Shri Awardees

Padma Bhushan Awardees

Padma Vibhushan Awardees

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